Hours of Operation
Main Woods Field & Front 5 Man
The woods is where it all began long ago in the ever changing paintball world. It use to be simple playing in the woods. Just find a thicket and hide in it...wait for your prey and pounce on it. Well, times have changed and so have the woods. The woods field now has bunkers where the prey can become the hunter and the hunter is hunted as the prey. Be careful going into the thicket you may just find you have nowhere to hide and nowhere to go. Big Trees can provide some level of cover but not for long. Keep in mind the key to the woods is to move like a river making a new channel. Be swift and quick to adapt to the terrain. Also, this woods field has a nice 5 man barrel to barrel field for those who like the woods but want the swiftness of a quick speedball match or a 1 and 1 game.
AirBall (Coming Soon)
Front Fort
The Front Fort is ideal for larger group action. Teams can attack from all four sides in varied terrain. Attackers can use the Hill to look down into the for; snipers can slither up from the pit; speedsters can run to the back of the fort and try a rear assualt. The fort defenders have a mighty wall surrounding the base, an elevated flag station, and best of all, the "Roamers". The roamers can leave and return to the fort at will whle trying to sneek up on the attackers. Once hit a roamer can not be replaced. Let the attackers BEWARE!
Back Fort
The back fort is well known for the "bunny" game. There is a defending team and an attacking team. The defending team must defend the "bunny" from being gogged (painted in the goggles). The attacking team must climb the hill and use a well coordinated plan to get to the "bunny." This game can not be won without excellent communication and team work. Also, the defenders must guard against a rear or flank assault by one or two steathly players.
Front HyperBall
The front hyperball field "action, action, action." Right from the start you are in range of your opponents. The first bunker is only a few steps away but so is theirs. There is a snake on either side of the field and seven 50 yard line bunkers. Get to the spider and you can rule the field. Getting there is the hard part, staying alive is even harder. If you want to have your adrenaline pump like a fire truck jump on the front hyperball field.
Back HyperBall
You say you like speed then here you have it. There are 21 plus bunkers. Each bunker is in range as you attempt a breakout without a trip to the dead box. Run if you can but not all 21 bunkers can keep you safe. You must move, shoot, tuck in, and most of all use strategy to defeat your opponent. Get to the 50 yard line and you can rule the field if you can live long enough. Let your adrenaline rush begin now!

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